This number will bring you happiness.

Hard to look better than Tory in that outfit.I love offering a girlfriend experience to my men. Each guy wants something slightly different from the Vegas escorts they hire. Some guys just want to basically walk around town with me on his shoulder the entire time. Kind of like showing off to everyone else in town, even though none of them know who he is. For many guys though, that is the point. They want that look of admiration from the other guys they walk past. The smart guys who are in the know tend to assume something is up when an average guy is walking around town with perfect 10 Vegas escorts, but hey, crazier things have happened. For other guys, they just want to hang out inside of the hotel room and have a great time without ever setting foot outside. There are some days that I just crave these kinds of dates. The ones where we don't have to travel or visit the same clubs and sights I'm at multiple times a week. These escorts dates are fun and really let me get to know my guys.

One night, a customer had me over. It was not one of the high-end hotels in the city. Not like infested or on a sketchy side of town, but nothing special. He told me to just come over in comfortable clothing, like jeans and a t-shirt. he said he just wanted a lounge night in. His exact words were "you know how on dating profiles people write they like to watch Netflix and chill? Well that is what I want to do."

So, I showed up, he ordered pizza and had some beer brought up. We flicked on the TV and ordered a romcom to watch. I loved every minute of it. Sometimes being one of the best Vegas escorts means just hanging out, having just random conversations and being around a really friendly, great guy. Kind of like we've been friends for years.

- Cindy