This number will bring you happiness.

Norah is a shining start when it comes to GFE girls in Vegas. So, everyone's first time is awkward, right? I mean, I've never heard stories of people saying how their first time was the best time and no other time has lived up to it. Well, that did prove to be the case until my date last night. Wow, yet that was pretty awkward. I mean, I'm glad I can help out. Perhaps I should feel honored? Truthfully though, it was a bit more like hooking up with a 43 year old high school student. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I received the message for my booking so I got ready. Usually I kind of have a briefing on the individual. Yeah, I know, I like to make it sound like I receive this "classified" dark brown folder with a government seal on the front and important red letter stamps all over it. It's really just an email that says what to expect. This one said the guy had never been with an escort or GFE Las Vegas before and his father. Yes, his 67 year old father, paid for the thing...Alllrighttttt. Can't say I get that one everyday. But sounds like a pretty cool dad, right?

So he picks he up in front of a hotel. I climb in, and I was a bit surprised. I had kind of expected an overweight guy, thick glasses, out of breath for just sitting around. You know, someone who might live with their parents at 43. But no, the guy was well put together. Nice face and a really solid looking body. He had a nervous half smile, like he wasn't sure what to do. When I sat in next to him he kind of leaned in for a hug, but then doubted himself and pulled away last minute. We kind of had this odd shoulder touch head pull back deal going on.

I started to rub his leg, try to get him to calm down a bit. He just kind of swallowed and looked straight ahead. He had a hard on and I'm pretty sure it was there from the moment our shoulders touched. But you know what? It was fucking huge. Like, the guy had on gray suit pants, but I'm pretty sure I could still make out veins it has pulled everything together so tight. He just kind of looked back to the floor and apologized. He felt completely ashamed of himself. I put my arm around his shoulder and told him not a big deal, it happens all the time. Course he started to throb, it was like inflating a balloon then deflating it real quick.It was his apology that caught me off guard. He stuttered. Like really bad. He told me his speech impediment had prevented him from being with a girl. Ever. I have to admit. I felt instantly bad. Like, here was a good looking guy and really nice. Just the one thing was holding him back.

For being a GFE Las Vegas is an interesting place. I don't usually do this, but I wanted to help the guy out. I looked to make sure the limo's window was closed and then started to pull his pants down. You know that look when a dog is hit with cold water for a bath and their eyes start to bug out? Exactly what happened here. He didn't say a word. Course maybe I should compare him to a horse, because he literally had a horse cock. Holy fuck and a half. Man, other girls were missing out. I started to work him with my hands. I figured it wouldn't take long at all, and it didn't. Really as soon as I started to touch him he just started to lean back can call out "oh gaw...oh gaw...oh my gawwww, gawwww, gawwwwwwdddddd!!!! fu-fu-fu-fu-fuckkkkkk" I started to smile...but do you have any idea how much nut a guy saves up when he's got a horse cock and hasn't had sex (fuck, or even jerked off) ever? Remember how Nickelodeon's big thing was to "slime" people? Yeah. coated. Completely coated. Ha, we had to go back to my place to change. Where I helped him out again. I mean, I wanted to see if he could do it again.

- Tanya