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Norah is one fine Vegas Asian escort girl. So, everyone's first time is awkward, right? I mean, I've never heard stories of people saying how their first time was the best time and no other time has lived up to it. Well, that did prove to be the case until my date last night. Wow, yet that was pretty awkward. I mean, I'm glad I can help out. Perhaps I should feel honored? Truthfully though, it was a bit more like hooking up with a 43 year old high school student. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

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Pulling down her top for you to see.You know, when I started as an escort, I had all sorts of people warn me about all the sickos out there. They said I'd be with nothing but the video game nerds who sit in their parent's basement wacking off to video game women while chowing down on their family burrito feast from the local drive-through. Thankfully, I have proven them wrong, for the most part. Sure, there has been the occasional date lacking any seriousness to it, but for the most part, the men are at least semi-competent. This last guy though. Ugh, I don't even know where to begin? There are some people and you just wonder how they function in society. This guy, function and society just aren't even in his vocabulary. This was not the GFE experience most people think of.

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Mirella is just getting ready for the date.A few weeks ago I received a very special booking with another escort to show a special visitor to Vegas an extra special good time. Basically, we were told to do anything and everything in our power to make sure he had the best time of his life. I won't tell you who told me to do it or what sort of money figures were tossed around, but let's just say any girls in vegas would have agreed to do the same. Even a perfectly straight guy. The money was that good.

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