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Just wait for Katie to get naked.For me, there sometimes is nothing better than a meaningful conversation. To me, a good conversation isn't always a meaningful one. I can hold my own with the best of them and talk about almost anything. A meaningful conversation is one that completely consumes me. One that takes over my mind and I forget about everything else around me. I become submerged into what we are talking about and I don't even know what sort of time is passing. One of the reasons I love to work as a girlfriend experience providing escort is because sometimes, not always but on occasion, I'm able to find a guy who I just completely connect with. Most of these men just want companionship. Some are just lonely while others are seeking a connection they just have not felt either ever, or in a very long time.

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A redhead with a great booty!One thing I love about being an escort is all the different job titles I carry around with me. Sometimes I'm the arm candy for the night, other times I'm the professional massage therapist. Perhaps I'm going to be just a straight up regular therapist. Whatever it is, I often need to wear an assortment of hats to do what my guy for the night wants me to do. One of my favorite hats to wear though is that of the wing girl. Everyone needs a copilot from time to time. If I go out with some of my girlfriends and I already have a boy toy for myself, I'm work with her to try and swing a guy in her direction. The same is true for some of my guys. They are good looking and great in conversations, once everything gets up and running. They just don't have what it takes to initiate that convo with a girl at the bar. So, they bring me in to try and work my magic and connect the two. I get to have fun while also playing match maker. Umm, what girl doesn't like to do that?

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Riley can be the hottest blonde you come across in Las Vegas.Las Vegas might just be the capital of work conventions in the United States. CEOs love to toss their conventions here. I mean, I guess I can see it, although I've never really thought the city is all that conducive towards work related activities. You know, because of all the strippers, casinos and sex going on. But hey, to each their own, and with the amount of business it brings me specifically, I really shouldn't complain at all. In fact, I do a good amount of work conventions. Guys often want a beautiful women by their side to walk with them to the different events, to spend time with them in the long speeches and to help impress in front of the boss. The one real thing about work place conventions and other activities is that it needs to be done in a classy, tasteful way. I've found it is generally not an good idea to show up at one of these things with monster tits hanging out of a cut-out, sheer dress. No, it needs to be classy and done in a way where nobody suspects that I am an escort.

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