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Tory is almost naked and ready for her date. I love offering a girlfriend experience to my men. Each guy wants something slightly different from the Vegas escorts they hire. Some guys just want to basically walk around town with me on his shoulder the entire time. Kind of like showing off to everyone else in town, even though none of them know who he is. For many guys though, that is the point. They want that look of admiration from the other guys they walk past. The smart guys who are in the know tend to assume something is up when an average guy is walking around town with perfect 10 Vegas escorts, but hey, crazier things have happened. For other guys, they just want to hang out inside of the hotel room and have a great time without ever setting foot outside. There are some days that I just crave these kinds of dates. The ones where we don't have to travel or visit the same clubs and sights I'm at multiple times a week. These dates are fun and really let me get to know my guys.

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Naomi would look better in the sun with you.I do my best to have a good time on my dates. I really do. Sure, some I have to kind of stretch the definition of fun, but for the most part, it is a good time. After all, I really wouldn't be in this kind of work if I didn't enjoy it more times than not. And, like any other person, I have good times, less desirable dates, and then there are those few that just remain in your head. You know, the one you just think about over and over for weeks? Even if you never see that person again, it just stays with you. That happened to me maybe a month ago, and I'm still thinking about it. Honestly, every day I hope my new Vegas escort date is going to outdo it, just so that I can stop thinking about it. Kind of like the fact that the best New Year's Eve I ever had took place with an ex, and every year I hope that changes, but six years later and it's still the highlight of my New Year's life.

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Taking a break from being the Queen of Dragons.I had the perfect time last night. I really don't know how else to put it. It was incredible. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary or different from what I might normally do, but the I, like, I just don't know how to describe him either. A true gentleman without being shy or bashful? He knew how to treat a lady every step of the way. I really don't understand how in the hell a guy like that can still be available. Either he's gay and is just really, really good at faking it (and I mean really good), he's already married, or just something is wrong in the universe. Hell, I'd drop everything and marry that man right now. Fuckkkkkkk last night was amazing.

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