This number will bring you happiness.

Do you like Katie pushing her tits together?For me, there sometimes is nothing better than a meaningful conversation. To me, a good conversation isn't always a meaningful one. I can hold my own with the best of them and talk about almost anything. A meaningful conversation is one that completely consumes me. One that takes over my mind and I forget about everything else around me. I become submerged into what we are talking about and I don't even know what sort of time is passing. One of the reasons I love to work as a girlfriend experience providing escort is because sometimes, not always but on occasion, I'm able to find a guy who I just completely connect with. Most of these men just want companionship. Some are just lonely while others are seeking a connection they just have not felt either ever, or in a very long time.

A few days ago, I met up with a new client for dinner. We met at kind of a speakeasy joint, where the lights are dimmed down low, the booths are oversized and overstuffed and you really can't see the other people around you. It offers a much more intimate location without being overly sophisticated or over the top. We hugged like old friends and he motioned for me to sit next to him on the same side of the booth. I've never been a huge fan of that. Always found it to be a bit challenging to look at someone and hold a conversation, but he angled himself against the wall that it wasn't much of a problem.

Our knees touched and we would play off of one another during our conversation. Nothing of it was sexual, yet there was a chemistry there that just turned it into a breath of fresh air. We started talking about the general stuff, but then he brought up his work in the international adoption field and my heart just melted. He went into how he works with primarily African nations to help children become adopted out of war torn countries. While I know a completely different situation, I myself am adopted, and I just felt an instant closeness with him. We ended up staying in that booth the entire time, talking the night way. I didn't even realize we talked for three hours longer than what the date was suppose to have lasted. We hugged and said good bye. And now I feel like I have a friend for life. Its really moment like these that I love being one of the best call girls in Sin City

Thanks for reading my story! More to come. Promise!

- Lucielle