This number will bring you happiness.

Love red heads? Lucy is already showing her body. One thing I love about being an escort is all the different job titles I carry around with me. Sometimes I'm the arm candy for the night, other times I'm the professional massage therapist. Perhaps I'm going to be just a straight up regular therapist. Whatever it is, I often need to wear an assortment of hats to do what my guy for the night wants me to do. One of my favorite hats to wear though is that of the wing girl. Everyone needs a copilot from time to time. If I go out with some of my girlfriends and I already have a boy toy for myself, I'm work with her to try and swing a guy in her direction. The same is true for some of my guys. They are good looking and great in conversations, once everything gets up and running. They just don't have what it takes to initiate that convo with a girl at the bar. So, they bring me in to try and work my magic and connect the two. I get to have fun while also playing match maker. Umm, what girl doesn't like to do that?

The other week I had a guy purchase my GFE services. It really is impossible to know what the guy is going to expect when it comes to these services though. While I know they want me to act out the part of a girlfriend, some want to go further down that sexual revolution path than others. This guy though, he didn't want any of that. Or, at least, he didn't want any of that from me. He laid it out to me in a pretty straight forward way. He would not pay to fuck. I can respect that. He told me once he goes down that path, he'd be tossing wads of cash out car windows at girls until he ended up in prison. He just wanted me to help him score a girl that he could have some fun with, sans-payment (for her).

So, I picked out the club. I found one that met his taste of joints (he wanted more of a dive place...he said he would feel more comfortable talking to a girl there than another dance club where he'd have to show his terrible dance moves and scream at the girls). He saw the Girls Direct To You sign running up and down the Strip. I would start up the conversations with attractive, single girls at the bars and feed them all sorts of juicy words about my man for the night. I love to play the "he's taking me out tonight because I just went through a bad breakup" line, so the other girls already know what it feels like and instantly appreciate the guy. I then whisper a few naughty benefits he can provide and, eventually, I found just the right girl to send his way. Needless to say, he waved good-bye to me as he hoped into a cab with her...and the two were totally in bed together when I stopped by the next morning to retrieve my things.

Thanks for reading my story! More to come. Promise!

- Lucielle