This number will bring you happiness.

She is one hot brunette that you'll want with you everywhere.A few weeks ago I received a very special booking with another escort to show a special visitor to Vegas an extra special good time. Basically, we were told to do anything and everything in our power to make sure he had the best time of his life. I won't tell you who told me to do it or what sort of money figures were tossed around, but let's just say any girls in vegas would have agreed to do the same. Even a perfectly straight guy. The money was that good.

I arrived with the other girl to the hotel room together. I hadn't actually done anything in person with her before. In fact, I hadn't even met her until our driver picked both of us up. Usually if you work with another escort you'd like to have some sort of professional relationship with the other girl ahead of time. You never know what the night might bring, so having that kind of connection is helpful. But we were the two that were exclusively picked out, so we just chatted it up on the drive over, pointed out just how little we knew about what was going to happen. At least were were in the same boat.

Upon walking into the hotel room we had to almost search for our date for the night. No, not almost. We DID have to search for him. You know those massive penthouse suites you see in the movies? yeah, they had that room. Like that penthouse in Rainman with the piano in the middle of the room and multiple floors. Eventually we found him, simply sitting by himself in a chair. Kind of like part Bond villain and part wheelchair Lebowski from the Big Lebowski. Next to him was a very large, circular table. Neatly, on one side of the table, sat three shots of alcohol. Looked like tequila (it was), a very thick line of blow, another three shots, and then a vibrator. On the other side of the table sat the exact same thing. The other girl and myself (let's call her Brandi, because honestly I don't even remember her name, professional or real) kind of looked at each other, but then the man motioned to the two ends of the table and said "who ever finishes first gets 10 grand" as he tossed a thick stack of $100 bills onto the table. Again, we looked at each other, right when he said "go." A slight pause, and then we were off.

I finished first, in a bit of a daze. I did jump and do a small celebration while Brandi looked a bit disappointed. The man, still sitting there looked at Brandi and told her not to worry. She would get 10gs too, she just had to make me cum. So, we started up, ripping our clothes off. The booze kicking in and getting us fucked up while the coke empowered us. She went down on my pussy hard. Using her vibrator inside of me while licking out my clit. Fuck that felt good. I managed to get on my knees and told her to slid my vibrator into my ass while she toy fucked my pussy. I didn't last long, screaming out loud as I pushed her down, thrusting her face into my cunt's lips while cumming all over her face. I turned to see the man had stood and was walking over towards us. I didn't know he was going to do, but my heart was pounding and I was still fucking turned on.

- Lucy Lux